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Providing custom trained Service Dogs that help return mobility & independence to people's lives.
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Shore Service Dogs, Inc., a small corporation registered in Maryland as a non-profit organization, was created to provide second chances for both people and dogs in need of assistance. Located on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore, SSD brings abandoned, and abused dogs, into our founder's home and custom trains them to become Service Dogs for people with mobility disabilities.

Shore Service Dogs relies on
fundraising, grants and charitable donations from businesses, corporations, civic organizations and individuals to offset the costs of training these amazing dogs. Your support helps make our goal of assisting others possible. Please, help us help those who's lives would be made easier with the aid of these wonderful dogs!


Sammy takes on NYC!

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Sammy visited NBC's "Today Show" and showed off his artistic talents to Al Roker, who almost got a new SSD designer suit to boot! Poor Sammy was so exhausted from the hectic schedule by the time the interview happened, he was literally falling asleep in front of the canvas, but he was a real trooper and held onto that paintbrush even as he dozed off. What a great boy!! And I was so exhausted that I totally missed Al's numerous prompts to get Sammy to paint. Sorry Al!! Mea Culpa! (that's old style Latin speak for "My Bad")

Although they didn't show his earlier teasers of him painting while he was awake, here's the video of the interview where he showed that he's so talented, he can almost paint in his sleep. Now there's REAL talent for ya!

(You may have to reload the page to get the NBC video to finally load... it's been a bit shy at times)

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News about the Economy

One of Sammy's recent artistic endeavors was part of a wonderful art expo that opened in NYC at the Denise Bibro Fine Arts Gallery!

Entitled "Going to the Dogs", this canine themed exhibition showcased the works of 22 artists and 3 painting pooches, and was on view October 8 through November 7, 2009.

The exhibition of painting, photography, video, and mixed media sculptural assemblage, was a celebration of man's best friend and a portion of the sales proceeds benefited Animal Haven, a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area.

The show's painting puppers even had their own exclusive story on AOL, "Painting Pups: When Dogs Let Loose on Canvas ". Those AOL journalists are obviously connoisseurs of fine art!

Sammy's muttsterpiece displayed in the show was created last Oct. during a photoshoot for a Jack & Jill magazine article that was done about the SSD Doggie Da Vincis. Sammy broke from his solo traditions and was assisted by a wonderful young boy by the name of Gabriel Rincon who did a fantastic job aiding our furry artiste! Gabriel and Sammy had a blast creating this cheerfully uplifting piece and it's extremely obvious by the pictures that they're both naturals for the camera. Needless to say, we felt that the title "Fetch a pail of water", was just the perfect finishing touch to this joyfully colorful duet!


We are very proud to relay that Sammy's piece found a new forever home out in Wisconsin! We hope that they enjoy it as much as Sammy enjoyed creating it. We'd wished that more of the paintings in the exhibit had been adopted too (Sammy's BTW was the only canine created piece to find a home) but we're very glad that we were able to assist in raising awareness for puppers and kitties in need of assistance in these hard times. If you're interested in seeing more of the Doggie Da Vinci PAWièce de résistance pieces at the art gallery in the future, please contact the gallery at 212-647-7030,, or visit I'm sure they would love to hear from the fans of our Puppy PAWcassos!

What is Sam’s art saying?

Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The London Times’ chief art critic, gives her verdict on "To Fetch a Pail of Water" by Sam the dog:

“This is probably what could be described as an Expressionist painting. It speaks about or expresses the way that the artist is feeling. I would certainly guess from this picture that the dog is excited and happy. You can tell this not just from the colours, which are bright and exuberant but in the way the paint seems to bounce and skidaddle across the surface of the paper. Sometimes it’s moving so quickly that the marks are barely more than a sketch. Is the blue blotch on the right hand side a nose-print? Is this the water which, the title tells us, the dog has gone to fetch? Abstract paintings like this don’t offer a clear subject matter. They do not present realistic images of objects. It is up to you, the viewer, to think and enjoy and respond.”


1st Little Screen... now Big Screen. The pups popularity just keeps "growing"!

Last year the puppers moved up in screen size and were part of the making of a new heartwarmingly funny Indie movie, appropriately titled "ArtHouse ". Starring well known performers as Greta Gerwig, Lyn Alicia, Timothy Brennan, and Iggy Pop, this lighthearted and quirky comedy is directed by the award winning talents of Victor Fanucchi. Currently it is competing in national and international film festivals and hopefully it will have its world premeire in a theater near you so keep watch on their website to see where it will show next!

NOTE: Not sure why this isn't showing as an embedded video but you can still view it by clicking this "Art House" Trailer link.


National Geographic TVNational Geographic TV

The Doggie Da Vincis Were Featured On French TV's TF1 & National Geographic TV's "Dog Genius" Program!

The pooches here at Shore Service Dogs are getting quite a bit of publicity both on air and in print. They're famous around the world and their popularity just seems to keep growing by leaps and bounds!

Recently the Doggie Da Vincis were featured on several TV programs. One was a feature documentary by the French TV station TF1. Unfortunately, the video clips are still in production so we aren't able to post them at this time. But make sure to keep checking back for it to go live on the site!

The puppers were also part of National Geographic Television's program,
"Dog Genius" ! This program was one of the installments of their highly acclaimed, Animal Genius series that has showcased various species' prodigies. The guys had a number of their Service Dog tasks shown as well as a demonstration of their famous artistic prowess. We hope you got a chance to watch it!

While this clip of the program unfortunately does not show our amazing dogs here at Shore Service Dogs, it does show some wonderful examples of various Mobility Service Dogs tasks. It also explains how some organizations go about the breeding and preparing of puppies to become Service Dog trainees.


Painting Pups! No, Really... They Paint!!

Click to see an enlarged image of Sam's 1st PAWtograph painting

Sam's first PAWtograph Video
Ah, the joys of fundraising. So important and yet not so much fun. But we decided to change that! So our dogs have been hard at work learning a new skill... they can now paint! No, not by walking across canvases with painted paws. Not even by scratching at canvases. Our dogs are over achievers. They do it with paintbrushes held in their mouths and they paint canvases on easels no less! They're even starting to learn how to choose their own colors so that the artwork is entirely created by them! Don't believe it?
Check out some of their paintings and videos!

Make sure to also check out the items that have been donated to local animal charities to help them raise much needed funds. Our
current charity auctions will even be featuring a guitar body painted by both Major & Sammy during the filming by French television TF1.

PS... If you go to the Shore Service Dogs' YouTube Videos page, please make sure to rate the videos. The higher the rating the more people will learn about Service Dogs!

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