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Shore Service Dogs!
Shore Service Dogs, Inc.

Providing custom trained Service Dogs that help return mobility & independence to people's lives.
Additional Services
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Obedience Bootcamp & Advanced Instruction

Do you want customized, highly individualized lessons with your own personal training coach without the distractions and frustrations of the "one size fits all" group class setting? Do you want to achieve a higher level of obedience in less time? Do you want to learn how to effectively and successfully manage your dog's behavior, not only at home but out and about in public with "real world" environmental distractions? Are you looking for the techniques, skills, and strategies that will help you confidently continue your dog's training for a lifetime of team success

Big Thank You!
Shore Service Dogs is able to custom-tailor a training program to fit your needs whether it's a basic obedience course or a more advanced skills class. Our programs provide an “accelerated jump-start” to obedience, condensing into a one-month period what you might otherwise take over six months to accomplish on your own with weekly one-hour training classes. Whether you want to participate in your dog's education or would rather board your dog to be intensively trained by our expert instructors, we offer courses that accommodate your situation.

Following our initial skills evaluation session, a determination will be made as to what instructional program would be most beneficial for your dog and most rewarding for you. In cases where the trainer's evaluation shows that your dog has more advanced obedience skills that would not require the full basic obedience program, a custom-tailored instructional curriculum will be created for them in order to achieve your specific goals.


Class Curriculum

Our basic obedience instruction includes the instruction of a minimum of the following skills:

  • Crate Training (Owner must utilize approved crate for homework)
  • Sit
  • Lie Down
  • Stay
  • Wait
  • Off
  • Heel On Loose Lead
  • Heel Off Lead with Remote Collar
  • Come When Called
  • Quiet on Command
  • Eat on Command
  • Drink on Command
  • Stand on Command
  • Socialization (animal and human)
  • Manners (no jumping, chewing, etc.)
  • Go To Bed
  • Urinate/Defecate where shown on Command
  • Leave It
  • Drop It

Shore Service Dogs utilizes a blend of positive and traditional training methods. Motivational training, the core of our signature teaching style, provides a consistently successful and balanced approach to obedience. A variety of instructional equipment may be utilized throughout the training process including but not limited to clickers; Gentle Leaders; jump harnesses; muzzles; slip, prong, and soft-use remote collars. Throughout the program, our trainers will provide you with hands on experience in how to use the tools properly, as well as offer advice and tips on how to become an effective handler.



Boarding is available for those owners who would like their dogs to be trained entirely by us. We work in conjunction with full-time licensed kennel facilities to provide accommodations for our canine students. Please note that boarding rates will vary with the size of the dog, and a fee will be applied for transportation to and from the training facility.

While your dog will learn a great deal during their stay with Shore Service Dogs, their education will only be as good as their interactions with their owners once they go home. It is vitally important that the owner be trained also so as to not confuse the dog with mixed signals or to let the dog slide in their obedience training. Just as with humans, dogs will lose what they learn if they don't use it and they're not robots that once programmed will be perfect for whomever they're with. Without the proper guidance by the owner, the dog runs the risk of falling back into old habits and that defeats the purpose of their training. It is required that with all boarding training, the owner will schedule several follow up sessions of handler instruction to ensure that their newly trained dog will continue to perform well once they're home from "boarding school". Just as with learning to drive a car, it would be impossible to know what to do and how to do it without instruction. The biggest difference though is that unlike a car, a dog has a mind of its own and can easily get confused if its handler uses incorrect or inconsistent commands. You want the dog to listen well to you also, in addition to the trainers at Shore Service Dogs!

Training Schedule and Fees

Shore Service Dogs has a variety of services to best meet your particular needs for your pet. Please note that some of the services are strictly package deals and are not able to be altered in theiir total hours.


    These are conducted at a rate of $60 per hour (per dog). We require that all dog and handler teams new to training with us first participate in a private, one-on-one evaluation prior to enrolling in any of our programs. This ensures that we will be able to place your dog at the level it will have the most success.


    Additionally, at the $60 per hour rate, we offer for private single session lessons for those dogs needing just a one day training refresher course.


    This extremely effective program is designed to accelerate the process of your dog's learning a variety of useful commands from the equivalent of six months to a mere 4 weeks. Structured at a more cost-effective rate of $35 per hour, that is a a savings of over 40% off the single session private lesson prices! Please note that these four-week private lesson packages are organized into two-hour training sessions that are held three times per week for a total of 12 sessions per course (24 total training hours). Due to the training regimen that must be adhered to ensure a successful graduation for your dog, this program must be completed within the 4 week period and can not be altered as to total hours (total package cost is $840, not including initial evaluation assesment).


    If your dog has all the basics down and you'd like to proceed on to the next level, Shore Service Dogs also has a continueing education program package that addresses a number of advanced skills. Not as intense as the Bootcamp, this private lessons program runs for 5 or more class hours at a rate of $45 per hour. These classes have more flexibility as to the scheduling of the sessions and may be spread out over a period of time suitable to your needs. Please note though that this package program has a minimum number of sessions requirement of 5 class hours (minimum total package cost of $225, not including initial evaluation assesment)


    Service Dog costs associated with training a dog you currently own are dependent upon the level of skills required and how quickly the dog learns. Due to the greater complexity of training involved in achieving a high quality, certified Service Dog, an estimate of total cost cannot be made until a full assessment of suitability and obedience has been performed. All dogs enrolling in the Service Dog Training program must first successfully pass testing for a minimum of all skills listed for both the Obedience Bootcamp program and the Therapy Dog program. A listing of these skills may be reviewed on our Training Request Form.
    Our Basic Obedience Bootcamp Program is set up so that owners need only to be at one of the three training sessions each week. We receive valuable one-on-one time with the dogs on days when their owners are not present, allowing us to greatly accelerate the training process. The session each week that we spend with our clients focuses on teaching owners how to be effective handlers, how to implement techniques and tools that are working best for their dog, and allows us a chance to answer any specific questions clients may have about the training process. Due to the socialization your dog will receive with our Service Dog trainees and mentor dogs, a medical reference from your vet is required indicating that your dog is current on ALL vaccinations, has no skin or parasite diseases, has tested negative for heartworm, and has had a negative fecal exam within the past 4 months prior to the class.

    (*Please note that if behavior modification is required due to aggression or phobia issues which overtly interfere with the obedience training, those behaviors must be addressed before the course can be completed. Behavior modification, and any added remedial instruction, will be subject to additional fees.)

    Contact Shore Service Dogs Today!

    Please contact our trainers to set up an appointment to have your dog evaluated today! It will be our pleasure to work with you to help your dog achieve his or her fullest potential.


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